"Kids run for Kids": A National School Project

Änne Jacobs founded the initiative “Kinder laufenf für Kinder” (“Kids run for Kids”) 16 years ago in Munich, Germany. The idea is simple but successful:  Kids participate in charity runs organized majorly by schools but also other communities all over Germany. Every child has engaged a sponsor (grandma, parents, the little shop on the corner...) before the run. By running kids earn money for every kilometer paid by their sponsor. After the run all the collected money is given to charity projects for children—national and international—, which the school/community can choose out of three NGOs beforehand and dedicate their run to that particular project.

Since the initiative was brought to life, 800,000 kids ran about 3.4 million kilometers and earned  7.2 million Euros for different charity causes and projects throughout the years.

However, the project is not only about charity: running can keep kids appreciate a healthy lifestyle by supporting movement and awareness for their own body. At the same time, they are motivated to aim high as they earn money for other children in need while having a great time with their class mates on the running track.

“Move yourself and help move others to move forward”, this is the motto of “Kinder laufen für Kinder”. Join us and support the good cause!


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